Caspofungin is a lipopeptide antifungal drug. It is a member of the class of the antifungal known as echinocandins. Caspofungin is the first inhibitor of fungal (1→3)-β-D-glucan synthesis to be approved by USFDA. Caspofungin is administered intravenously. Caspofungin is used to treat fungal infections that involve the stomach, lungs, esophagus, or other internal body areas.

Product Active Ingredient(s) Strength Features Dosage Form
AUXICASP Caspofungin 50mg/ 70mg • It is the first in class echinocandin
• Optimum therapy for invasive fungal infections
• Caspofungin has excellent tolerability
• FDA approved for pediatric patients
• Can be used as an empirical therapy
  • Treatment of esophageal candidiasis
  • Treatment of oropharyngeal candidiasis
  • Empirical therapy for presumed fungal infections in febrile, neutropenic patients
  • Treatment of invasive candidiasis including candidemia
  • Treatment of invasive asperogillosis


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