alpha keto amino acids and essential amino acids
alpha keto amino acids and essential amino acids

Auximin is a combination of alpha keto amino acids and essential amino acids. It contains eight essential amino acids along with two non-essential amino acids, Histidine and Tyrosine, whose rate of synthesis is reduced in patients with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF). It is used for the treatment of CKD patients on conservative management therapy. In combination with very low protein diet / low protein diet, it helps in delaying the progression of kidney disease during the pre-dialysis period, by reducing the nitrogenous waste.

Product Active Ingredient(s) Strength Features Dosage Form
AUXIMIN L - Histidine 45 mg • Maintains positive nitrogen balance
• Less load on kidney
• Reduces urinary protein excretion
• Decrease hyperparathyroidism
• Increases the interval between two dialysis
• Prevents proteolysis
• Slows down CRF progression
• Promotes muscle protein synthesis
L - Isoleucine 60 mg
L - Leucine 90 mg
L - Lysine 65 mg
L - Methionine 90 mg
L - Phenylalanine 70 mg
L - Threonine 65 mg
L - Tryptophan 25 mg
L - Tyrosine 75 mg
L - Valine 135 mg
Total Amino Acids 720 mg
Total Nitrogen contains/Tablet 88 mg
Corresponding to protein 0.55 gm
  • Nutrition supplement for malnourished patient


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