Amino Acid IV
Amino Acid IV

Auximin 7% is an IntraDialytic Parentral Nutrition (IDPN) which improves protein-energy wasting in maintenance dialysis patient.Intradialytic parenteral nutrition (IDPN) is a nutritional support therapy for people on hemodialysis who have a difficult time maintaining adequate nutrition. It is administered directly into the bloodstream of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) in an effort to decrease the associated morbidity and mortality experienced in patients with renal failure. IDPN contains protein (amino acids), carbohydrates (dextrose), and fats (lipids) in an attempt to meet a patient's weekly nutritional needs.

Product Active Ingredient(s)
(Each 100 ml Contains)
Strength Features Dosage Form
Auximin 7% Total Amino Acid - 70.00 g/L 250 ml/ 500 ml • No need for a dedicated enteral feeding tube or vascular access
• Ultrafiltration during dialysis (which reduces the risks of fluid overload)
• No demands on the time or effort of the patient
• 61% Essential Amino acids Adequate protein supply during renal insufficiency Administration through peripheral vein
Total Nitrogen - 10.80 g/L
Energy - 287 Kcal/L
Osmolarity (Theoretical) - 635 (mOsmol/L)
  • Auximin 7% is indicated in acute & chronic renal insufficiency, in dialysis suffering from malnuitrition


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