Biomyf is Mycophenolate Mofetil, which is chemically 2-morpholinoethyl (E)-6-(1, 3-dihydro-4hydroxy-6-methoxy-7methyl-3-oxo-5 isobenzofuranyl)-4-methyl-4-hexenoate. Its empirical formula is C23H31NO7 and has a molecular weight of 433.50.
Mycophenolate Mofetil is a synthetic analogue of mycophenolic acid that is produced by several Penicillium species. It is an antiproliferative immunosuppressant, used in combination with cyclosporine and other corticosteroids for the prophylaxis of acute rejection in renal, hepatic or cardiac transplant. Mycophenolate Mofetil is proved as safer and efficacious immunosuppressant to prevent graft rejections, thus improve overall patient survival

Product Active Ingredient(s) Strength Features Dosage Form
BIOMYF Mycophenolate
500 mg • Treats acute refractory rejection
• Reduces the risk of long-term graft loss in cadaver renal transplantation
• Gives synergistic result with GCV against CMV
• Adding Biomyf and lowering the dose of CSA reduces toxic side effects of CNIs
• Better long-term outcome of steroid withdrawal in renal transplantation recipients treated with Biomyf
  • Allogeneic transplants : For the prophylaxis of organ rejection in patients receiving allogeneic renal, hepatic or cardiac transplant.
  • Use Mycophenolate concomitantly with cyclosporine and corticosteroids.


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