ERTAFAST is a brand of Ertapenem, a penem antimicrobial. It is structurally very similar to meropenem in that it possesses a 1-β-methyl group. Ertapenem has been designed to be effective against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. Ertapenem is indicated in adult and pediatric patients (3 months of age and older) for the treatment of the cautious to serious infections. Ertapenem has a longer half-life than the older carbapenems, hence allowing for once-daily administration. ERTAFAST provides convenience of outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy because of once a day dosing. In a study ERTAFAST showed a success rate of 93.7%. Eertapenem showed least MIC and higher killing rate than Pipracillin/Tazobactam.

Product Active Ingredient(s) Strength Features Dosage Form
ERTAFAST Ertapenem 1 gm • Effective against MDR ESBLs
• Longer Half-Life
• Once a Day Convenient dosing
• High Clinical Cure Rate
  • Complicated Urinary Tract Infections
  • Complicated Intra-abdominal Infections
  • Acute Pelvic Infections
  • Community Acquired Pneumonia
  • Bacterial Septicemia
  • Complicated Skin & Soft Tissue Infections
  • Post-surgical Gynecologic Infections


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