The essential nutritional support to Antiuremic Therapy. Ketoalfa Sachet is 1st time one of kind product with new drug dosage delivery system for better compliance. Ketoalfa Sachet reduces pill burden, can be mixed with food, palatable, sweet in taste & can be given to diabetic patients. Ketoalfa Sachet is available in cinnamon flavour.

Product Features Dosage Form
• Contains eight essential amino acids and two non essential amino acids, Histidine & Tyrosine
• Slows down CRF progression rate
• Reduces unnecessary load of nitrogen and inorganic irons
• Promotes muscle protein synthesis
• Can be mixed with hot food
• Reduces pill burden
• Can be given to diabetic patients
  • Prevention and therapy for damages due to faulty or deficient protein metabolism in chronic renal insufficiency in connection with limited protein in food of 40 gm per day (for adults) and less; i.e. generally in patients with a glomerular filtration rate (GFR) below 25 ml/min.


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