Auxipro is a synbiotic combination of prebiotic and probiotic. Probiotics are live microorganisms that may confer a health benefit on the host. Intake of antibiotics kills the harmful bacteria and the beneficial bacteria.


    Auximin is a combination of alpha keto amino acids and essential amino acids. It contains eight essential amino acids along with two non-essential amino acids, Histidine and Tyrosine.


    Nefromega / Nefromega Forte contains Omega -3 fatty acid which is known as polyunsaturated fatty acids and is considered essential fatty acids.

  • AUXIMIN 7%

    Auximin 7% is an IntraDialytic Parentral Nutrition (IDPN) which improves protein-energy wasting in maintenance dialysis patient.

  • MULTI-8

    Multi-8 is a brand of multi-vitamin includes Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B7 and B12. Multi-8 is for those people with dietary imbalances may include those on restrictive diets and those who cannot or will not eat a nutritious diet.


    Geroz-O is a brand of multivitamin with mineral (Iron). Multivitamin and iron are used to provide vitamins and iron that are not taken in through the diet.

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