History of Successful Transplants

1902 : Alexis Carrel demonstrates method of joining blood vessels to make organ transplants feasible
1905: First successful cornea transplant by Eduard Zirm(Olomouc Eye Clinic, now Czech Republic)
1918: Blood transfusion becomes established
1948: Foundation of the National Health Service
1954: First successful kidney transplant by Joseph Murray(Boston, U.S.A.)
1960: First UK living donor kidney transplant, performed in Edinburgh
1963: First liver transplant in Denver, USA
1965: First kidney transplant in UK using organ from a deceased person*
1966: First successful pancreas transplant by Richard Lillehei and William Kelly (Minnesota, U.S.A.)
1967: First successful liver transplant by Thomas Starzl (Denver, U.S.A.)
1967: First successful heart transplant by Christian Barnard (Cape Town, South Africa)
1968: First heart transplant in UK
1968: First UK liver transplant, performed at Addenbrooke's, Cambridge
1968: National Tissue Typing and Reference Laboratory (NTTRL) established at Southmead Hospital, Bristol
1971: Kidney donor card introduced in the UK
1972: National Organ Matching and Distribution Service (NOMDS) founded in Bristol
1979: NTTRL and NOMDS merge to become UK Transplant Service
1979: UK heart transplant programme begins
1980: First transplant co-ordinators appointed
1981: UK kidney donor card changed to multi-organ card including kidneys, corneas, heart, liver, and pancreas
1981: First successful heart/lung transplant by Bruce Reitz (Stanford, U.S.A.)
1983: UK liver transplant programme begins
1983: Launch of the UK Cornea Transplant Service (CTS)
1983: First successful lung lobe transplant by Joel Cooper (Toronto, Canada)
1985: Lungs added to the UK donor card
1986: Establishment of the Bristol Eye Bank
1986: First successful double-lung transplant (Ann Harrison) by Joel Cooper (Toronto, Canada)
1987: First domino UK heart transplant, where a patient receiving a heart and lungs transplant donates their healthy heart to another
1989: Establishment of the Manchester Eye Bank )
1991: UK Transplant Service becomes special health authority and is renamed United Kingdom Transplant Support Service Authority (UKTSSA)
1993: UKTSSA moves to purpose-built accommodation at Stoke Gifford, Bristol 0
1994: NHS Organ Donor Register established
1994: First living donor liver transplant in UK
1995: First living donor lung lobe transplant in UK
1995: First successful laparoscopic live-donor nephrectomy by Lloyd Ratner and Louis Kavoussi (Baltimore, U.S.A.)
1997: First successful allogeneic vascularized transplantation of a fresh and perfused human knee joint by G.O. Hofmann
1998: First successful live-donor partial pancreas transplant by David Sutherland (Minnesota, U.S.A.)
1998: First successful hand transplant(France)
1999: First successful Tissue Engineered Bladder transplanted by Anthony Atala(Boston Children's Hospital, U.S.A.)
2000: UK Transplant takes over from UKTSSA with new, extended remit
2001: First lung transplant from a non-heartbeating donor
2005: UK Transplant merges with National Blood Service to form NHS Blood Transplant
2005: First successful partial face transplant (France)
2006: Introduction of the Human Tissue Acts 2004 in England Wales and Northern Ireland, and the Human Tissue (Scotland) Act 2006.
2006: First transplant to combine donor jaw with bone marrow from the patient, by Eric M. Genden (Mount Sinai Hospital, New York)
2007: July – UK's first living donor paired kidney transplants and first altruistic non-directed living donor transplant.
2008: January – The Organ Donation Taskforce report was published containing 14 recommendations for increasing the UK’s rate of organ donation by 50% within five years, resulting in an additional 1,200 transplants a year. November - The Organ Donation Taskforce’s report into the issue of presumed consent, recommends against adoption of an opt out system.
2008: First successful complete full double arm transplant by Edgar Biemer, Christoph Höhnke and Manfred Stangl (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
2008: First baby born from transplanted ovary.
2008: First transplant of a human windpipe using a patient’s own stem cells, by Paolo Macchiarini(Barcelona, Spain)
2008: First successful transplantation of near total area (80%) of face, (including palate, nose, cheeks, and eyelid by Maria Siemionow(Cleveland, USA)
2010: First full facial transplant, by Dr Joan Pere Barret and team (Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron on July 26, 2010 in Barcelona, Spain.)
2011: First double leg transplant, by Dr Cavadas and team (Valencia's Hospital La Fe, Spain)

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