Dialysis is a form of treatment that replicates many of the kidney’s functions

There are three primary and two secondary types of dialysis: hemodialysis (primary), peritoneal dialysis (primary), hemofiltration (primary), hemodiafiltration(secondary), and intestinal dialysis (secondary).

Thoracic organs

Heart (Deceased-donor only)

Lung (Deceased-donor and living-related lung transplantation)

Heart/Lung (Deceased-donor and Domino transplant)


Abdominal organs

Kidney(Deceased-donor and Living-Donor)

Liver(Deceased-donor and Living-Donor)

Pancreas(Deceased-donor only)

Intestine(Deceased-donor and Living-Donor)

Stomach(Deceased-donor only)



Tissues, cells, fluids

Hand(Deceased-donor only), see the first recipient Clint Hallam

Cornea(Deceased-donor only) see the ophthalmologist Eduard Zirm

Skin including Face replant (autograft) and Face transplant (extremely rare)

Islets of Langerhans(Pancreas Islet Cells) (Deceased-donor and Living-Donor)

Bone marrow/Adult stem cell(Living-Donor and Autograft)

Blood transfusion/Blood Parts Transfusion (Living-Donor and Autograft)

Blood vessels(Autograft and Deceased-Donor)

Heart valve(Deceased-Donor, Living-Donor and Xenograft[Porcine/bovine])

Bone(Deceased-Donor and Living-Donor)

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